Debbie and Dale Inkley
Dignity is a compilation of stories about 12 extraordinary individuals who have triumphed over adversity in their search for independence. Each has faced incredible odds for winning in today’s job market. Yet, each has discovered a positive self-image through an innovative job skills program called BOOST and a company that cares.
Here is an opportunity to learn from the experience of real people as they share intimate details of their personal challenges. David stutters, Stella has no legs, Marilyn wheels an oxygen tank to work, Joel is blind, Debbie needs a kidney transplant, Darryl has polio, Marette and Paul have cerebral palsy, Ginger has a brain tumor, both Susans have serious depression, and Tu has lived a life beyond imagination.
Celebrate their personal and professional success! Read these inspiring stories of transformation and gain greater perspective about the challenges that you face in your own life.
ISBN: 0-972462-2-2
Price: $25.00 Hardcover

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